Near Drowning


Cody sustained a drowning as well as a four hour surgery, that left him in a C spine Curvature, his head was contracted to the right side and touching his right shoulder, his hands were pined to his chest, his body was completely ridged .He had globle brain damage which caused CP.

When he went to school there wasn't any interaction with him.

We started HBOT treatments, and within the first month he was more responsive to his teacher. He followed directions more consistently and was more alert. One Very noticeable change is that Cody was less reactive to loud noises and was tracking sounds more frequently, which shows his ability to move. Remember he couldn't move his head at all. He started looking left daily. He showed a 48% level of independence from January 29 until February 22, from February 23 until March 13 he had a 70% increased in turning his head to the left when asked . The goal of Raising his head went from 45% to 63% during the same time. At this writing we have 81 treatments behind us, Cody is not having the emesis problem and we are working on eating by mouth, he can say mama, nana, by-by, and no ,of - course this is when he wants to.

We know that without the HBOT treatments Cody wouldn't be showing this kind of response this quickly, according to his neurologist ,he is suppose to be in a progressive vegetative decline, and HBOT wouldn't help at all. A good part of the doctors treating Cody were in favor of the HBOT. To see how it would help him recover from his injury.

The school administrator is pleased with his development for working with him on the computer with the visual guide.

His motor movements have increased greatly in the time of HBOT.

We don't know what we would have done with out Susan, Pat Rodriguez & Dr. Underwood, for their guidance with the HBOT and nutritional assistance.

With Great Admiration

Cody, Bryan & Ruth Mason


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