Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen on
Allergy and Immunity

Jiang Yunshen, Yu ping, Song ling, Zhang Yanzhi, Wang Xinru


To explore the effect of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) on type I allergic reaction and some parameters of immune function. Test animals (rats, mice, rabbits) were divided into two HBO groups (HBO treatment for 5 or 10 days) and control group. The HBO treatment was pure oxygen (99.5%) inhalation for 2 hours each day under 0.20 Mpa abs pressure. Then the evidence of type I allergic reaction and changes of some immune function indexes were measured and analyzed.

HBO treatments alleviate homo-passive skin allergic reaction in rat and hetero-passive skin allergic reaction in mice. It also inhibited the thyroxin induced mast cell degranulation in mice and markedly reduced peripheral blood T-lymphocyte in rabbits, and significantly decreased the number of antibody producing cells in mice.

HBO treatments were shown to prevent the occurrence or alleviate the type I allergic reaction in the Laboratory animals. Both the cellular immune function and body fluid immune function were inhibited remarkably.

Key Words: Hyper-baric oxygen, Immune, Type I allergic reaction.

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